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ENOX PHARMA is a reputable company with a strong focus on life science solutions and healthcare improvement.

Enox Pharma Is A Swedish Company Specializing In The Distribution Of Life Science Products for cancer treatment Between Europe And The MENA Region.

Enox Pharma has Unique experiences and very competent specialists who cover a wide range of Life science fields.

Enox Pharma has successfully managed many projects with high complexity to open and establish new markets for Nordic companies in the MENA region, these projects required local expertise for registration and marketing and business development of Life Science products Enoxpharma combines a full spectrum of Knowledge and experiences in the life science sector and understanding for both MENA and Europe internally conditions.

ENOX PHARMA is a reputable company with a strong focus on life science solutions and healthcare improvement. EnoxPharma have over 50 years of experience developing extensive medical expertise. our business and cultural knowledge allow us to understand the intricacies of the healthcare industry and cater to meet its specific needs.

Enox Pharma develops a new Al knowledge-based ecosystem for scalable life science solutions created by Swedish growth companies – for export on international market.

Enox Pharmas use the latest technology  in corporation with Niramai ...

Enox Pharmas use the latest technology in corporation with Niramai ...

The screening method is a computer-assisted image diagnosis that is based on artificial intelligence. It uses high-resolution thermal imaging images combined with a cloud-based analytics model to detect changes at an early stage.

The screening method has been developed based on so-called big data analysis, artificial intelligence and machine learning for reliable, early and physically contact-free breast screening.

More about the AI technology we use for cancer Treatments & Diagnostics ...

More about the AI technology we use for cancer Treatments & Diagnostics ...

The core technology of the method has been developed using Niramai's patented machine learning based on mathematical algorithms for reliable and accurate detection of changes in pathological processes. This innovative and unique method can be used as a basis for a possible cancer diagnosis in hospital, for regular preventive health checks and also for an individual large-scale screening in rural and urban areas.

Enox Pharma Takes Niramai to Europe...

Enox Pharma Takes Niramai to Europe...

This cancer screening method is a preventive early detection method which can be used on women, men and children.

Kefah Esmael CEO

The level of detail, expertise, theory, and genuine craftsmanship that has gone into this course is incredible. It's well worth the investment and more.

I'm so glad I joined!

"Our passion and energy lie in bringing the best quality, latest innovations, and most competitive healthcare solutions and treatments to patients in need."

Kefah Esmael CEO

In the MENA region cervical cancer, a top killer of

women says the WHO !

Solid experience and knowledge in life science industry in Scandinavia. Enox Pharma make products and services offered in scandinavia    available to the MENA regions.

 According to WHO is Cervical cancer a top killer in the MENA region.

 Cervical cancer is one of the world’s deadliest, but most easily preventable forms of cancer for women.
 In 2018, there were an estimated 570,000 new cases of cervical cancer.
 266,000 die every year from the disease. By the year 2030, cervical cancer will kill more than 443,000 a year. Cervical cancer rates in the Middle East are predicted to     double by 2035.

Enox Pharma is the bridge between the most promising markets 

 - Extensive Network

 - Swedish Academia

 - Solid Experience

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There are 5 innovative treatmetments & technologies that answers about the way we can support our custemers. Our medical equipments & technologies are empowered by artificial intellingence. 

Women cancer detection and treatments

Prostate cancer detection and treatment

New-born diagnostics

Diabetes diagnostics and care

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                     Innovation at the Core: As a forward-thinking company, we embrace innovation and leverage the latest technological advancements to develop cutting-edge cooling solutions. By incorporating smart controls, advanced sensors, and energy-efficient components, we ensure that our systems deliver optimal performance, minimize downtime

ENOX PHARMA likely offers a range of products and services that contribute to advancements in healthcare. These may include pharmaceuticals, medical devices, diagnostics, research and development, and other solutions aimed at improving patient outcomes and addressing medical challenges.

Our Partners & Suppliers
Karolinska Institute,Stockholm

Salgrenska University Hospital,Gothenburg

Uppsala Akademiska Hospital,Uppsala

Healthcaresupplysolutions, Birmingham


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